Probiotics as Potential Therapies in Human Gastrointestinal Health

Eswara Murali S, Kavitha BTVV, Srikanth J G, Velmani G


Nowadays, the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders with probiotics is a widely used remedy for intestinal complications in humans. This essential sources of microorganisms was originally developed for the treatment of health illness, based on the ability to functioning the normal pathway of intestine moreover, the clinical effects were reported as a remarkable advancement over commonly used treatment in GIT problems. Subsequently, it was realized that the clinical applicability of the enhanced intestinal floral development of used probiotics has been expanded to the therapeutic management of other gastrointestinal disorders, including cancer, heart failure etc.

Keywords: Antibiotics induced ulcer, Bacterial translocation, Prebiotics


Antibiotics induced ulcer, Bacterial translocation, Prebiotics

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