Microspheres containing Doxycycline:Properties and in vitro study

Rima Kassab, Paolo Yammine, Dima Moussa, Nahed Safi


PLA microspheres loaded with the antibiotic Doxycycline are prepared using solvent evaporation technique (o/w) by varying the drug masses. They are evaluated for drug encapsulation, drug loading, particle size, morphology, FT-IR, stability and in vitro release. Microspheres loaded with Doxycycline show a maximum drug encapsulation of 38%. They exhibit homogeneous size distribution varying between 80 and 110 µm, with a spherical profile and porous surface. FT-IR study hasn’t revealed any drug-polymer interaction. After 6 months of storage at different conditions, no appreciable difference is observed concerning the degradation of microspheres. In vitro release study of PLA microspheres loaded with Doxycycline reveals a rather fast release which requires only few hours to go to completion.

Keywords: Poly(DL-lactide), doxycycline, microspheres, solvent evaporation technique, drug release


Drug Delivery

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