In vitro evaluation of topical gel prepared using natural polymer

Lalit Kumar, Ruchi Verma


Nimesulide is a second generation non–steroidal anti–inflammatory agent, which is widely used in the long term therapy of rheumatoid arthritis, in alleviating pain and inflammation. But its short half-life (only 3–4 hr), so its causes more fluctuation. After oral administration Nimesulide causes to produces heart burn, nausea, loose motions, pruritus, etc. The present study based on the preparation of bioadhesive topical gel of Nimesulide, so as to avoid all gastric side effects. For the preparation of bioadhesive topical gel natural polymer aegel marmelos (plant Bale) was used. Bioadhesive polymers are the agents which increases the contact between the formulation and biological membrane, so as to avoid the fluctuation of formulation and behave as a sustained release formulation. In the present study, prepared bioadhesive topical gel was evaluated with the help of different parameters like drug content, spreadability, extrudability, swelling index study, in–vitro drug diffusion study, in-vitro drug release kinetic study and ex–vivo bioadhesive measurement. On the basis of in–vitro drug diffusion study and ex–vivo bioadhesive measurement property of gel, we have concluded that natural polymer aegel marmelos is the best polymer for the preparation of sustained release bioadhesive topical gel.

Keywords: Topical gel; Bioadhesion; Natural polymer


Topical gel; Bioadhesion; Natural polymer

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