Ethosome for Enhanced Transdermal Drug Delivery of Aceclofenac

Vivek Dave, Dhirendra Kumar, Shaila Lewis, Sarvesh Paliwal


The aim of the current investigation is to evaluate the transdermal potential of novel vesicular carrier, ethosomes, bearing aceclofenac, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) agents having limited transdermal permeation. Aceclofenac loaded ethosomal carriers were prepared, optimized and characterized for vesicular shape and surface morphology,(SEM) scanning electronic microscopy, vesicular size, entrapment efficiency, stability, in- vitro release study. The formulation (Etho5) having 3% phospholipids contant and 40% ethanol showing the grater entrapment (93.3%) and optimal average vesicle size of formulation (Etho5) determine by Malvern Zetamaster ZEM & 0.696μm and zeta potential of formulation was -6.74 mV. The formulation (Etho12) having 3% phospholipids contant and 40% isopropyl alcohol showing the grater entrapment (95.7%). stability profile of prepared system assessed for 45 days. The vesicular suspension was kept in sealed vials (10ml) at 4 ± 2ºC and at room temperature for 45 days no change is shown in the entrapment efficiency. The optimized ethosomal formulation showed transdermal flux (226.1 μg/cm²/hr) for ethanolic drug solution which is grater then that of isopropyl alcohol solution (159.0 μg/cm²/hr). The result advocates the potential of ethosome formulation to treat rheumatic disease where facilitated penetration of the drug into muscle and synovial fluid is desirable. In light of the data obtained from experimental work we can expect the ethosome formulation to be safe and very efficient as a drug carrier for systemic as well as topical delivery of drug, holding future in effective transdermal delivery.

Keywords: Ethosome; Aceclofenac; Phospholipid; Transdermal


Ethosome; Aceclofenac; Phospholipid; Transdermal

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