Preparation, characterization and evaluation of finasteride ethosomes

S Sujatha, G Sowmya, M. Chaitanya, V S Kumar Reddy, M Monica, K Kishore Kumar


The present investigation attempted to prepare and evaluate the finasteride ethosomes for transdermal drug delivery. The ethosomal formulations were developed using different concentrations of ethanol (20-60%) and soya lecithin (1-5%). In-vitro release studies of formulation containing 30% ethanol and 3% soya lecithin showed highest % drug release (82.66%) with highest transdermal flux. The entrapment efficiency and drug content of optimized formulation were found to be 85.32% and 99.5% respectively. Scanning Electron micrographs revealed that the formed vesicles were spherical in shape with uniform size. It was also observed that concentration of the ethanol had profound influence on entrapment efficiency. The drug release from the formed vesicles was found to follow first order kinetics with higuchi diffusion mechanism. The transdermal delivery of finasteride could be potentially enhanced when they were formulated into ethosomes. This ethosomal drug delivery was found to be promising than could be a nanogel.


Finasteride; ethosomes; SEM; FTIR

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