Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving tablet of aceclofenac

Sudhir Bhardwaj, Vinay Jain, R.C. Jat, Ashish Mangal, Suman Jain


Fast disintegrating drug delivery system offers a solution for these patients having difficulty in swallowing tablets/ capsules etc. Aceclofenac (anti-inflammatory and analgesic) was selected as the model drug. The poor aqueous solubility of the drug results in variable dissolution rate and hence poor bioavailability. In the present study, an attempt had been made to prepare fast dissolving tablets of the drug using various super disintegrates sodium starch glycolate following by direct compression technique. The tablets were evaluated for hardness, friability, weight variation, disintegration time, water absorption ratio and wetting time, in vitro dissolution studies. All the formulation showed disintegration time in range of 12.2 to 27.5 second along with rapid in vitro dissolution. It was concluded that the fast dissolving tablets of the poor soluble drug can be made by direct compression technique using selective super disintegrantes showing enhanced dissolution, taste masking and hence better patient compliance and effective therapy.

Keywords: Aceclofenac; Fast disintegrating; Superdisintegrants; Taste masking


Aceclofenac; Fast disintegrating; Superdisintegrants; Taste masking

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