Limonene and BEZ 235 inhibits growth of COLO-320 and HCT-116 colon cancer cells

Raja Ratna Reddy yakkanti, P Chandra Sekhar, K Bharath Nandhan Reddy, S Ramamoorthy, S Ranga Suresh, T Yasodha Lakshmi, Mani Rajesh, C Damodar Reddy



D-Limonene is a dietary monoterpene with significant anticancer activity against many cancer types in preclinical and clinical studies. The study is designed to investigate synergistic anticancer effects of limonene and BEZ235 combination in COLO-320 and HCT-116 colon cancer cells. Cells were treated with both the drugs alone and in combination and the effects on cell viability; cell migration and clonogenic potential were examined. Results show that both drugs exhibited dose and time dependant cytotoxicity on the cell lines tested. CompuSyn analysis of the drug combination effects revealed the strong synergistic interaction of the combination. Our results also indicate that COLO-320 cells were more sensitive for anticancer effects of the drugs than HCT-116 cells. The presence of Ras and PI3K mutations in HCT-116 cells could possibly be one of the main reasons for the observed outcome as compared to the wild type expressions of them in COLO-320 cells.


Colorectal cancer, limonene, BEZ235, Ras, PI3K

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