Regulatory aspects of medical devices in India

Monika Targhotra, Geeta Aggarwal, Harvinder Popli, Madhu Gupta



Today millions of patients depend on medical device based treatment for the management and diagnose of several diseases. Quality and safety of device is depends upon the regulatory guidelines. Medical device manufacturing in India should be taken seriously due to large population and the potential severity of the consequences of introducing inferior and unsafe products to the market-place. Therefore a law containing adequate guidelines of rules and regulations are required for monitoring the entry of such devices into the use in public health. The regulations define requirements of medical device design, development and manufacture to ensure that products reaching market are safe and effective. Presently in India regulatory body CDSCO is governing regulation for regulation of devices which with time, amendment introducing in the law will provide safety assurance to public health. This review provides a study on different regulatory aspects of medical device implemented in India. The present review discuss about the classification of medical devices and regulations aspects in India.


Medical devices, classification, regulatory, license, marketing etc.

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