Formulation and Optimization of Sustained Release Floating Matrix Tablets of Baclofen

prakash ramdas kakad, Gondkar S.B, Darekar A.B, Darade S.T


This investigation concerns the development of sustained released floating matrix tablets of Baclofen for improving its bioavailability by prolonging gastric residence time. Floating matrix tablets (FMT) of Baclofen were prepared using 32 optimization designs.Carbopol 934p, HPMC K4M and gas generating agents such as sodium bicarbonate and citric acid were used in formulation. The fabricated tablets were evaluated for their physical characteristics such as hardness, drug content, buoyancy, swelling properties and in vitro release studies in 0.1N HCl. The tablets without gas generating agents and HPMC K4M did not float at all. Tablets with gas generating agents and HPMC K4M and Carbopol 934p floated up to 12 h without complete erosion and showed slower drug release. HPMC K4M and Carbopol 934P maintain the integrity of the FMT and sustaining the drug release. The increase in the concentration of HPMC K4M and Carbopol 934p in FMT from 75 mg to 125 mg and 20 mg to 60mg respectively resulted in decrease in release rate of drug. The possibility of drug polymer interaction was determined by differential scanning calorimetric (DSC) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, and confirmed no interaction between drug and polymers. The mechanism of drug release is mainly described by diffusion and swelling mechanism of polymers.


Tablet; Floating; Matrix; Gastric residence time

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