Multi-layer Tablet: Current scenario and recent advances

Pravin k Shende, Chetan Shrawne, R.S. Gaud


The purpose of this article on tableting of multiple Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in the single oral solid dose in the form of Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs), that focused on therapeutic justification, designing, its practical approach, summarize the problem encountered and parameters to be considered during development. This will help budding formulation development scientists working on generic development as such types of formulation is current need in various disease conditions. Looking to the necessity of medical practitioners, ultimately generic pharmaceutical companies taking interest in development of such formulation with correct medical justification due to various health problem not only in India but also globally. FDCs are highly popular in the Indian pharmaceutical market and also have been seen in the last few years. Presently very few generic companies are working on FDCs in the form of multilayer tablets resulting into small numbers of formulation in the market yearly.


Multi-layer tablet, Bi-layer tablet, Fixed Dose Combinations, Tableting technology

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