Tropical phytotherapeutic treatment for achieving knee symmetry in osteoarthritis – A sustainable approach

Apurba Ganguly


Throughout the world a large number of patients suffering from osteoarthritis are undergoing knee surgery and knee replacement every year. Though the surgery  or replacement  methods are expensive , these cannot make both knees symmetrical  in all anatomical measurements.The present paper , reports  for the first time , a noble  method ,alternative to knee  surgery  by  topical applications of phytoconstituents.The treatment involves topical applications of phytoconstituents from medicinal plants by manually applied with wooden roller and pluse-therapy technique for a period of 42days. The  patients  recover  completely  from  osteoarthritis  pain and both their knees become  symmetrical anatomically , supported by  pathological and radiological  observations.


Knee symmetry, Knee surgery, Phytoconstituents , Phytomecdicine.

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